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Real-Life Hungry Hungry Hippos? Real-Life Hungry Hungry Hippos.

By: Grant Marek

Because Internet, we made a real-life version of Hungry Hungry Hippos this week. And then we made GIFs of that real-life version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. And then we made pizza rolls.

Enjoy. (The GIFs, not the pizza rolls -- we already ate those, sorry guys.)


What you need

• 4 skateboards

200 plastic ball pit balls

• 8 people

• 4 containers to put balls in


How to play

1) Split everyone up into four teams of two and assign each team a color that corresponds to one of the ball pit ball colors.

2) One dude from each team lays stomach first on a skateboard, and the other holds that dude's legs and -- once someone yells "HUNGRIER" to start the game -- frantically pushes skateboard dude back and forth into the ball pile. No stopping allowed!

3) First team to successfully collect all of their balls and put them in their container wins.

Note: No sabotage (knocking away the other teams' balls, buttering the other teams' skateboards, etc.) allowed, unless everyone mutually agrees on it beforehand.


Stay hungry hungry, my friends.