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The Most Awkward Movie Scenes We've Watched With Our Parents

By: Grant Marek

The Oscars nominations were announced last week, which naturally made us immediately think of the most awkward movie scenes we've watched with our parents.

These are those.

"I was sitting on the couch watching Zack and Miri Make a Porno with my then-boyfriend and it was the milk scene. My mom sat down and watched the whole scene with us then told us it was really disrespectful." - CHRISTINE


"The Wolf of Wall Street where Margot Robbie is showing her vagina. I watched that with my parents and my fiancé." - RAINER


"My mom took me to the premiere of 8 Mile -- the part when Eminem was having sex in the machinery shop? My mom put her hands over my eyes." - AUZY


"Eyes Wide Shut. With my parents. The scene where they're up against the wall. Yep." - RENY


"Oh my god. What's that movie where Jessie Spano is a stripper? SHOWGIRLS. I watched that with my 3-year-old brother, my sisters, and both parents. I just remember thinking I don't think we should be watching this as a family. It eventually got turned off." - MEGAN


"Dallas Buyers Club with my mom. Specifically the opening scene where he's pounding some girl from behind." - JOEL


"I think mine was Titanic when he was painting her nipples. I watched that with my mom." - NICK


"I saw American Pie with my dad. The pie scene was pretty weird." - ELAN


"We had the Disclosure VHS with Michael Douglas and Demi Moore, there's a pretty aggressive sex scene in there I remember watching with just my mom." - PRESTON


"Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Right at the beginning when he drops the towel -- my mom walks in right as it happens, she spins around, and walks right out." - GARRETT


"Sleeping With Other People -- there's loads of sex scenes in that. I watched that with my brother, my girlfriend, and my mom. She got the awkwardness and decided to step out, and then she'd try to come back in and there'd always be another bad scene on." - TOM


"I watched Ghost with my mom. It's not super graphic but they make love. Like MAKE LOVE." - MASON


"Silence of the Lambs, when Buffalo Bill tucks and does the mangina. Watched that with my mom." - LAUREN


"I was watching Sideways with my wife and her parents, she said she was tired and going to bed and literally as soon as she leaves the room the dude comes running out of his house with his flopping penis." - GRANT


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