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Photo by Josh Herder - Chubbies Friday At Five Photo by Josh Herder

Two Guys. One GoPro. ALL. THE. NASHVILLE.

By: Grant Marek

And lo, Bro-ses and his perfect facial hair came down from the top of mount Guy-inai with two Wi-Fi enabled tablets and a bottle of Jack, and gave unto the people of Short Shorts Nation the greatest gift the internet hath ever given: TWO GUYS AND A GOPRO.

This video series of biblical fun proportions is our version a travel guide, wheretofore we take three days worth of exposed thighs and balls-to-the-wally-walls GoPro footage in an epic American city and condense it down into the two-minute highlight reel you're going to be so glad (SO GLAD) you clicked below.

(Oh, and peep the crib notes at the bottom so you can recreate the quad magic this weekend. Or next. Or... BOTH.)

First up: Nashville, y'all.


Flying Saucer / Location / Hours / More / Get the peanut butter stout on nitro. If they don't have it on tap, stay there until they do.

Joy Ride Golf Carts / Reservations / More / Book one of these bad boys in advance, and request Brewer Heat as your driver. Because HIS NAME IS BREWER HEAT.

Nelson's Green Breir / Location / Hours / More / Bring a large enough suitcase that you can bring some of this stuff home with you.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery / Location / Hours / More / Rooftop, guys. Rooftop.

Robert's Western World / Location / Band Schedule / More / Get the Recession Special - a fried bologna sandwich, a PBR, and chips... FOR FIVE DOLLAROOSKIS.

The 404 Kitchen / Location / Hours / More / Google "404 Kitchen Nashville Best Whiskey Bars in America"; be super impressed that this is on all the lists.

Pinewood Social / Location / Hours / More / Bowl. Drink. Eat ribs. Repeat.

Santa's Pub / Location / Hours / More / Be ready to fucking party. And karaoke. And party.

The Parthenon / Location / More / Wear your Shark and/or Hot Dog costume to this.

Jack Daniel's Distillery / Location / Hours / More / Soak it in. You're at the largest whiskey distillery in the world, brotha. Oh, and heads up: you're gonna need to rent a car to get out to the distillery, but it's totally worth it.