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Photo courtesy of Bavaria Filmstadt - Chubbies Friday At Five Photo courtesy of Bavaria Filmstadt

Wanna Ride Falkor the Luckdragon from 'The Neverending Story'?

By: Grant Marek

Some stories write themselves. This one didn't (we had to write it ourselves), but some definitely do.

ANNNNNYWAY, we found a place in Germany where you can ride Falkor the luckdragon from The Neverending Story and wanted to bring it to your attention before you make your next sojourn to The Land of Schnitzel and Ineffective Walls.

You'll find it in Munich at Bavaria Filmstadt -- a sort of German version of Universal Studios where you could also check out props from other lovable Deutschland classics like Das Boot and Sturm der Liebe. You won't though, because you'll spend your entire time riding Falkor like this:


And this: