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Dope Party Hacks! Dope Party Hacks! Dope Party Hacks!

By: Grant Marek

Did someone say "Dope Party Hacks" three times in a row with exclamation marks??? You're damn right someone did, because someone has a whole bunch of those that are pretty much guaranteed to alter the Space-Time-Party Continuum. (Spoiler: Someone = Us.)

Hack 1: The Magic Chip Bowl

Bite a little hole in the middle of your bag of sour cream & onion deliciousness, then tear that sucker while you spin the bag and bingo bango slamango -- your chip bag just became a MAGIC CHIP BOWL.


Hack 2: The How Did I Never Think To Use That As A Bottle Opener???

The little plate on the door with the hole that your door handle's latch slots into? Door Scientists call that the strike plate. Cassie calls that the bottle opener every person totally forgets they have.


Hack 3: The Unload Every Beer Can In A Box In 5 Seconds

Open one end of your beer box, put that end facing the back of the fridge and put the box on a shelf in your fridge. Now open the other end of the box, push the beers with one hand, pull the box with the other, Presto Change-o Dodge Durango.


Hack 4: The Let The Can of Beer Pour Itself

Open a can of beer, keep the tab facing up, now tilt the beer into a standard red cup and lean the tab on the inside edge of the cup, release the beer and go play a level of Star Fox while it POURS ITSELF OH MY GOD THIS IS INCREDIBLE.


Hack 5: The Make An Entire Pack Of Hot Dogs Using A Coffee Maker

Put some hot dogs in a coffee pot, fill the pot with water, pour the water into the coffee maker, turn on the coffee maker, go watch two episodes of Workaholics, come back, turn off the coffee maker, pour out the water, and eat the crap out of some hot dogs.


Hack 6: The Carry Eight Shots At Once

You could either use your egg carton to carry eggs, or use it to carry shots of pineapple vodka. Your call.


Hack 7: The Make Your Warm Beer Cold In 10 Minutes or Less

Just wrap the beer in a wet paper towel, put it in the freezer, set a timer on your phone (so you don't forget about the beer and it explodes everywhere), and your freezer's beer cooling fairies will make that sucker ice cold in 10ish minutes. (Using the phenomena of conduction, convection, radiation, and change of state with evaporation condensation, obviously.)


Hack 8: The Beer + Salt + Water + Cooler Equals Super Cold Beers

Don't have any room in your freezer because of all those corn dogs? No worries -- you can just combine a bunch of ice, water, two tablespoons of salt, and your beer and it'll be cold in FIVE MINUTES. According to Nerds, salt lowers the freezing temperature of the mixture of ice and water, causing the ice to melt, which lowers the water's temperature and chills the beer faster.


Hack 9: The You Can Build an iPhone Speaker Out Of Two Tall Boys And A TP Roll

And we've got the GIF to prove it.