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Gingerbrunch Houses Are Like Gingerbread Houses, Just Infinity Times More Delicious

By: Grant Marek

During Christmas time people make Gingerbread Houses -- houses made out of gingerbread and candy.

And during Easter time people make Gingerbrunch Houses -- houses made out of brunch deliciousness.

Oh, they don't?


Why, in the greatest country in the world, would we not make houses out of food for every single holiday? Or at the very least, the most brunch focused one? Exactly, which's why we decided to put together this little how-to-Gingerbrunch-House video.

Oh, and unlike when you try to eat the gingerbread house you just finished making then 1) just get chocolate everywhere, and 2) feel super sick, the Gingerbrunch House is both easy to eat and freaking delicious.

Happy Easter to us.