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Movember Quiz: Who Do These Movie Mustaches Belong To?

By: Grant Marek

What do you do when you don't have quite enough vember? You get MOVEMBER.

America's most important, month-long homage to majestic Lip Carpets is finally here, which means for the forseeable weekend-future you're going to be growing a Mouth Brow.

Wouldn't it be great, though, if your Chubbies were growing one, too? Well dream that impossible dream, dreamer, because we've got the only FIVE pairs on the planet with the shorts-testinal fortitude to go full on Face Bush. And all you've got to do for a shot at winning one is pass the CHUBBIES MOVIE MUSTACHE MIDTERM.

"What's that?" Tom Selleck softly whispers in our ear.

"Oh, it's the masterpiece you see below," we reply in between jump squats. "To pass it you just have to correctly reply to this email with who all 10 of these famous movie mustachios belong to."


Got 'em? Dope. Just head to this link right here and hit us with the answers (actor name OR character name both count). If you CRUSHMURDERKILL all 10 we'll write your e-mail addy on a piece of paper, fold said paper in half, stick it in the Green Bay Packers helmet on Kit's desk (along with all the other 10-for-10-ers), and randomly pick the five mustache shorts winners.