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Could you finish 10 corndogs, 100 tater tots, and 10 beers while watching 12hrs of college hoops?

By: Grant Marek

Welp, turns out you've been doing the first Saturday of March Madness wrong YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, because you haven't spent it watching wall-to-wall college hoops while also doing THE NATIONAL CORNDOG DAY TRIPLE DOUBLE CHALLENGE.

"Wait... what's that?" pretend Magnus Ver Magnusson asks in between Atlas Stone lifts.

"Oh, see, National Corndog Day is this thing invented back in 1992 by two high schoolers -- Brady Sahnow and Henry Otley," we reply. "As the story goes, they're sitting in Sahnow's basement in Oregon on the first Saturday of March Madness and Sahnow's dad brings down a ridiculously gigantic tray of corndogs and tater tots, which they proceed to eat over the next 12 hours. And, naturally, National Corndog Day is born. Sahnow and Otley go off to different colleges, spread the National Corndog Day gospel, then sometime around 2000, they add a new wrinkle:"

"The Triple Double Challenge, wherein you have to finish 10 beers, 10 corndogs, and 100 tater tots from the first tip-off to the final buzzer of the first Saturday of March Madness."

"It looks a little something like this:"




"Great Bjarni Herjolfsson's ghost," Ver Magnusson says, "how have I never heard of this?"

"Probably because you were busy winning four World's Strongest Man Titles," we reply.

"True story," he says.


"Somehow, despite launching in 2006, despite an official proclamation in 2012 by Oregon's Governor declaring the first Saturday of March Madness National Corndog Day, despite corporate sponsorships from Foster Farms, ampm, and PBR, despite the fact that LEBRON JAMES USED TO FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER, Sahnow estimates only about 150-200 people throw National Corndog Day parties every year," we say. "Also: Sahnow and friends retired as Grand Marshals of National Corndog Day in 2015, which means the site stopped getting updated, you couldn't register your NCD parties, and no more swag packs from the sponsors. Basically, National Corndog Day and the Triple Double Challenge as we know it was lost forever unless someone did something about it."

"Wait, were we the ones who did something about it?" Magnus says.

You're damn right we were.

We mobilized, we emailed, we did everything in our power to keep this bonafide tradition alive -- and we're doing it again this year by asking you guys to again tag us (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) in pics of you crushing 10 corndogs, 10 beers, and 100 tater tots between the first tipoff and final buzzer of the first Saturday of March Madness, and -- just like last year -- we're going to give whoever tags us in the dopest picture...


And just how many corndogs are there in a year's worth of free ones? Well, according to the biggest corndog eater at HQ (Tater), that would be 384. Oh, and if you actually complete the 10 corndogs, 10 beers, 100 tots thing, we also found (and spent hours updating) this old certificate Sahnow used to give Triple Double winners:

NCD Certificates_2006_PDF.jpg

In the words of Aurora, Illinois' own Wayne Campbell: "GAME ON."