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This DIY Pool Only Takes An Hour To Build

By: Grant Marek

What do you do when your super lame accountant tells you that you can't buy everyone in America a pool? You 1) get him a vegan burrito when he asks for pork (hahahahahahahaha), and 2) do the next best thing: show everyone in America how to build their OWN pool.

Bonus points if it only takes an hour and only costs $150, which, OH HI, THIS DOES.

Step 1: Find some free pallets somewhere and stand them up in a circle-y pool shape


Step 2: Buy two ratchet/strap setups, run them around the pallets, and ratchet the whole thing up

Pro tip: The bigger the pool, the more ratchet/strap setups you should run.


Step 3: Buy a megaginormous tarp, hang it over the pallets

Step 3.1: Buy a second megaginormous tarp, and hang that over the pallets, too.


Step 4: Add some hot-fire bamboo for max tiki-ification


Step 5: Add a railing


Step 6: DANCE


Step 7: Pose like Matt