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This DIY Pool Only Takes An Hour To Build

By: Grant Marek

What do you do when your super lame accountant tells you that you can't buy everyone in America a pool? You 1) get him a vegan burrito when he asks for pork (hahahahahahahaha), and 2) do the next best thing: show everyone in America how to build their OWN pool.

Bonus points if it only takes an hour and only costs $150, which, OH HI, THIS DOES.

Step 1: Find eight free pallets somewhere and stand them up in a circle-y pool shape

This might save you some time: We found ours behind a Pep Boys, which was super stoked for us to take them off their hands. We tried Home Depot before that, and the Deeps was not as super stoked for us to take them off their hands -- either way, they were super easy to commandeer.


Step 2: Reinforce those with 2x4s

We got three 8ft-ers and cut each into five equal pieces, then just attached one to the top of every pair of pallets and one to the bottom. Make sure your wood screws are long enough to go through the 2x4 and really dig into the pallet because they're going to have an immense amount of pressure on them later.

Step 3: Buy two ratchet/strap setups, run them around the pallets, and ratchet the whole thing up

Pro tip: If you wanna make a bigger pool, you gonna need more ratchet/strap setups.


Step 4: Buy a megaginormous tarp, hang it over the pallets

Step 4.1: Buy a second megaginormous tarp, and hang that over the pallets, too. We calculated needing a tarp that was at least 20ftx20ft and ending up finding two that were 30ftx25ft.


Step 5: Add water!

We ran two hoses and it took less than 2hrs to fill the thing and it ended up being around $40 extra on our water bill which seemed like a pretty good deal considering now we have a super dope pool.

Step 6: Add some hot-fire bamboo for max tiki-ification while it fills

We found this stuff at home depot for super cheap and had to cut about a half foot off the top of it (this is super easy to do with just regular ol' scissors) -- a couple finishing nails should do the trick with holding it in place.


OPTIONAL BONUS STEP: Add a railing, you shmancy shmancerton


Step 7: DANCE


Step 8: Pose like Matt


Step 9: Skip steps 1-to-8 and just watch this dope video