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Wanna Go To The World's Largest Hammock Party?

By: Grant Marek

Ain't no party like the World's Largest Hammock Party 'cause the World's Largest Hammock Party looks like THIS:

The brainchild of two weekend-trepreneurs -- Jefferson Packer and Doug Tam -- who co-founded the University of Florida Hammock Club, the World Largest Hammock Party saw close to 1,000 folks plop down in more than 170 hammocks last spring -- a large enough turnout to convince the Guinness Book of World Records to create a "largest hammock party" category, which somehow didn't previously exist (get it together, Guinness dudes).

This April 22nd, 2016 (RSVP), they'll try to break-smash-crush a record they weren't even trying to set last year.

"We did a couple of hammock hangouts in front of the football stadium, and 40-60 people turned up to both of them. We were planning to do one last one, and were hoping to get 100 or so people, and with a little bit of luck, a lot of people heard about it in a short amount of time -- we woke up every morning and 80 more people had RSVP'd," Packer says. "There were these skinny palm trees outside the stadium and we weren't sure about the trees being able to hold that many people, and at that point we had 800-900 RSVPs, so we changed the location to [Westside Park], which has big strong pine trees. Then once we got to 2,100 RSVPs, we figured it would be cool to make t-shirts, get sponsors, we talked to city to make sure we could take over the park -- really we never thought it would become this when we hit create on the Facebook event."

Last year's five-hour fest also included two hammock domes and a Florida record-shattering 15-hammock stack on a single pair of trees...


... that hilariously spurred a stack arms race in the hammock community, which is a thing, that exists.

After posting that picture, a week later another college did 16, then another one did 20, then another 25, it was really funny," Packer says. "This year we want to add a Spikeball tournament, and then instead of the stack thing, we might try to make some interesting designs with the lattice work, instead of just a high stack -- which really just gets more and more dangerous as you go up -- do a spiral staircase, something cool like that. That was a vast achievement a year ago, we're just trying to make it even better this year."