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Can You Complete the Cinco De Mayo Taco Bell Challenge?

By: Grant Marek

You know it, you love it, it's the Cinco De Mayo Taco Bell Challenge.

Unless, well, you don't know it, in which case here's our Frequently Asked Questions About The Cinco De Mayo Taco Bell Challenge (or FAQATCDMTBC) to get you up to speed.

Wait, so, what is it?

Getting right down to business. I like that. You've got an hour to finish $20 worth of Taco Bell value menu items and a 32oz Corona Familiar. What you get off the value menu is totally up to you as long as it adds up to $20 (tax included). So you could be like Preston and order a handful of tacos and ELEVEN Apple Empanadas, or be like everyone else in the world and not do that.


Corona Familiar, huh?



Are there any rules?

Zero. Wanna double-fist two Beefy Frito Burritos? You go ahead and double-fist two Beefy Frito Burritos.


Zero rules? So if I wanted to I could stuff my soft taco inside of my crunchy taco?

You most certainly could.


Any pro tips?

Definitely. Pro Tip 1: Maximize your gains during the competition.


Pro Tip 2: Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby."


And most importantly, Pro Tip 3: If you finish, go with the Spinning Iron Cross celebration.


Wait, did we just become best friends?


You wanna go do karate in the garage?