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Photos by Grant Marek - Chubbies Friday At Five Photos by Grant Marek

Ginormous Flip Cup Is the Best Kind of Flip Cup

By: Grant Marek

From the same super handsome and excruciatingly humble geniuses who brought you Settlers of Beertan, Battlepong, and Beer Can Connect Four comes Ginormous Flip Cup, a weekend partying innovation that is exactly what it sounds like it is: flip cup, but GINORMOUSIFIED.


What you need:

1) Red cups

2) Wayne Szalinski's matter enlarging ray gun

2) Plastic planters from Home Depot

3) Ham and cheese Hot Pockets (for later)

4) Red and white spray paint


How to play:

It's like regular flip cup (you drink a little beer, then flip your cup over using the edge of the table), except you have to flip the GINORMOUS cups instead of your regular cup. And definitely play on a picnic table-sized surface -- there's barely enough room for both sides to flip, which means lots of flipping sabotage.

Oh, and if you wanna go boss mode on this thing (you do), ditch the regular cups completely and pour the beer directly into your ginormous cup (provided you didn't paint the inside of it, bud):