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Who's The Most Badass TV Mom of All Time?

By: Grant Marek

This Mother's Day we celebrated the way any son would: by going to Bath & Body Works and buying a gift basket filled with super-lathering Shower Gel, hydrating Body Lotion, skin-loving Fine Fragrance Mist, and nourishing Ultra Shea Body Cream by writing a list of our 32 favorite TV moms, seeding them, and putting them into a massive bracket to determine -- once and for all -- who the most badass TV mom of all time is.

And after five rounds of Internet voting we finally have our winner:

6-seed Kitty Forman (That '70s Show)

The unlikely champ took down a pair of Modern Family moms (4-seed Claire Dunphy and 4-seed Gloria Pritchett), 2-seed Skyler White of Breaking Bad fame, and 3-seed Peggy Bundy, before topping Arrested Development's Lucille Bluth in the final. Check out the full bracket here.

Congrats Kitty.