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Running photos via Reny Preussker; Hot dog photo courtesy of The Big Man Run - Chubbies Friday At Five Running photos via Reny Preussker; Hot dog photo courtesy of The Big Man Run

Could You Run Four Miles While Drinking Three Beers and Eating Three Hot Dogs?

By: Grant Marek

The NBA Finals. The Super Bowl. The Masters. The Big Man Run.

One of those is the greatest sporting event in the history of the worldiverse. The other three are the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl, and the Masters.

Started 21 years ago by Glenn O'Connor and Paul "Papa Clyde" Collyer -- two Massachusetts products who were outraged by the lack of races that incorporated hot dog eating and beer drinking -- The Big Man Run is a 4-mile race through the historic Canal District in Worcester, MA that includes three stations where you're required to stop and then 1) drink an 8oz beer, and 2) eat a hot dog (bun included).


And while you can be any weight to participate, you have to be a big man if you want to be eligible to win.

No, like, litereally -- there's a weigh in before the race at 9am and if you can't tip the scale above 190lbs you're disqualified.

(Oh and don't forget to bring $3, one dollar bill for each of the three bar stops, "because a Big Man always tips").


"This sounds like the best race ever," Jabba the Hutt says in between smuggler-carbonite-freezing sessions. "I would totally han-mah-kee-cheezay this 4-miler, where the hell do I sign up?"

"Bad news Jabba," we explain. "After 20 years of Big Man Run races, Glenn and Papa Clyde are retiring the run, which means no more Clydesdale Open 300lb+ division to watch rumble down the streets of Worcester, no more commemorative t-shirt that says 'I'm training for the Big Man Run' alongside a depiction of a sumo wrestler running through a Japanese bonzai tree grove, and no more updates to one of the most impressively designed websites we've ever seen in our entire lives."

"WHAT?!? So it's done? Guys, we have to do something about this," Mr. Hutt says.


Not only are we at Chubbies HQ gonna do our own West Coast edition of the Big Man Run in their honor (shoot me an email if you wanna run with us:, but we're also encouraging you to help us keep this bonafide tradition alive by crushing 4-mile runs wherever you are in the ol' U S of America with three beer/dog stops along the way (don't forget your dollar bills for tipping) and tagging us (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) in pics so we can shout the Big Man Run love from the social media rooftop.