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Rope Swing Beer Pong: Best Game Ever?

By: Grant Marek

Four score and seven years from now, some dude with a sweet beard and a super dope hat is gonna be all:

"Four score and seven years ago, the Chubbies forefathers brought forth on this continent a new drinking game, conceived while they were all eating corndogs in Andy's living room, and dedicated to the proposition that there has to be a way to combine rope swings and beer pong."

And that night woth born a game of the people, by the people, for the people, party the people: Rope Swing Beer Pong. Here's how to play:

The What You Need

1. A rope swing

2. 10 inner tubes (these are dope)

3. 80-ish feet of rope (cut it into 5ft pieces, use those to tie the tubes together)

4. Beer!

5. Pepperoni Pizza Lunchables

The Rules

1. Split up everyone into two teams

2. Come up with awesome team names (The To Infinity and B-Pongs, The LePong James-es, Team Brew-tang Clan, etc.)

3. Teams take turns rope swinging at the tubes -- if you successfully land in a tube, you untie the tube and remove it, plus the other team drinks

4. Backflips and head-first dives into tubes count as two tubes

5. Whichever team hits more tubes by the end of the game wins, losers finish their beers

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