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Say Hello to the World's Most Jaw-Dropping Swing

By: Grant Marek

Suspended 525ft above a canyon floor in Queenstown, New Zealand, the Nevis Swing is the self-proclaimed highest swing IN THE WORLD, taking you on a 1,000ft arc at speeds of 90mph on a rope that's longer than a football field (393ft).

Like so:


After you walk across a scary long catwalk, you'll pee in your shorts a little bit, then find yourself on a suspended platform that's 525ft above the canyon floor. Once there, you'll clip in any of a half dozen ways -- Forwards, Backwards, Tandem, Truck 'n Trailer (?), or Honeymoon (!...?) -- and then someone will release you and you'll swing your butt off.


Transportation to the swing is provided as part of your swing package (it's kind of in the middle of nowhere, plus it's on private land you can only reach with 4WD), which will run you $200 or less depending on how many people are willing to do the Honeymoon swing position with you.