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What's An Outhouse Race And Where Can I Do One?

By: Grant Marek

Long answer: Teams of three build outhouses (they have to at least have a roof, three sides, a door, an attached place to sit inside, and four dolly wheels underneath), then race them down a 300-meter-ish street in Bristol, Vermont, where two people push and/or pull the outhouse while a third person sits inside of it.

Short answer: It's awesome.


Medium answer: There are four heats with 3-4 outhouses per, the winner of each heat advances to the finals, then a World Outhouse Champion is crowned. The frames for the outhouse are actually provided by the town and all you've gotta do is decorate 'em, preferrably with 8 million stars and stripes, like so:


Winner answer: "We definitely had a little bit of a strategy," says Edgar Sherman, one of the three members of 2016's Outhouse World Championship team. "The initial push it makes sense to be on side of house to get momentum, then a few steps in you switch to pulling, and you get a lot of momentum going so it's easier to control it -- you wanna move way to the middle of the road, since there's a slight grade to it on either side. One outhouse actually turned completely sideways, and they put plywood walls on it, so it took all impact of air and they just stopped completely."

GIF answer: