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Volcano Boarding: Scariest Thing Ever or Dopest Thing Ever?

By: Grant Marek

There comes a time in every person's life when they have to decide once and for all: Should I hurl my body 1,500ft down an active volcano on a small piece of wood with no brakes on it other than my feet?

And if you're reading this from on top of the Cerro Negro volcano in Leon, Nicaragua, that time is RIGHT NOW DUDE, 'cause that's the one and only place in the world you can book a tour to go Volcano Boarding.

Conceived by an Australian thrill-seeker in 2004, Volcano Boarding sends you down a still-active volcano (that's erupted 23 times since the 1800s, which seems like... a lot?) on a wooden sled at up to 60mph (that's the speed record) with no protection or braking system beyond your shoes touching the lava rock floor.

It'll take you an hour (and ~$35) to get up to the top of "The Black Hill," and once up there you'll get this lengthy list of extremely technical directions from your tour guide: "Elbows in, feet forward."


Translation: "Shake 'n Bake."

There are actually a handful of companies that do volcano boarding in Nicaragua now, but if you're looking to fly down the mountain with the Godfather of volcano boarding (who's been down on a fridge, his mattress, and his front door) check out Bigfoot Hostel Leon.