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Why You've Never Heard of the Greatest Water Park in America

By: Grant Marek

Unless Bob Hawkins is your grandpa, you've never heard of Bob's River Place.

And if you've never heard of Bob's River Place, you've never heard of the greatest water park in America.

And if you've never heard of the greatest water park in America, you didn't know this existed:


Or this existed:




Located on the Suwannee River in Branford, Florida, Bob's River Place is a swimming hole that 81-year-old weekend-trepreneur Bob Hawkins has spent 40+ years decking out with all kinds of handmade water toy awesomness, including slides, floating docks, rope swings, water balance beams, tree ladders, insane hammock launchers, waterwheels, karaoke machines, and more.

The "River Place" is located on Bob's private land, which means zero regulations, zero insurance, and ZERO ENTRY FEE. That's right, the greatest water park in America is friggin' free outside of parking, which'll run you ~$25 for a car of 6 or less.


Down? Cool, Bob's opens for the season on Saturday, April 15, 2017, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week until Labor Day, then after Labor Day it is generally only open on weekends (Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays) until sometime in October.

You can snag directions right here.