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This BBQ Donut Boat, Tho

By: Grant Marek

Conceived in the Halls of Montezuma (probably?), the BBQ Donut Boat is very unexpectedly a DONUT-shaped BOAT that has a BBQ built into the center of it like so:


Brought to the US from The Land of Chocolate and Cheese With Holes in It (Switzerland guys, it's Switzerland), this weekend party vessel features: 1) important boating stuff (fiberglass hull, 9.9 HP gas motor, anchor with 65ft rope...), 2) important grilling stuff (low-smoke charcoal grill, 3-piece grill tool set...), 3) important partying stuff (MP3 player, sound system, beverage ice bowl...), and 4) important miscellaneous stuff like a WiFi hotspot, a GoPro, a floating drone, under-seat storage, and an umbrella with its own lighting system.


It runs anywhere from $21K to $48K depending on what model you get (some of the lame ones don't have their own WiFi) and how many people your boat fits -- either 10 or 8.

Don't have a bunch of money in your Donut Boat fund right now? Don't worry, you can head out to Cape Coral, Florida and book one of these things with a captain, food, and booze included, or Dubai where some place called QD's has a whole fleet of them at the restaurant.