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This Is Tropical Islands, the World's Largest Indoor Waterpark

By: Grant Marek

According to Wikipedia, an airplane hangar is a closed building structure used to hold airplanes.

According to a bunch of rad German dudes, an airplane hangar is a closed building structure used to hold THE WORLD'S LARGEST INDOOR WATERPARK.

Which's why they put one of those in a 32-story tall abandoned airship hangar in Krausnick, Germany that's the size of eight football fields:


Tropical Islands isn't just the world's largest indoor waterpark, it's also the dropest.

Exhibit A: It's 78°F permanently inside of the hangar, 365 days a year.

Exhibit B: It's home to the biggest indoor rainforest in the world, with 50,000 plants and 600 different species

Exhibit Xzhibit:


Exhibit C: There's both a 47,000sqft pool, and a 13,000sqft lagoon with fountains, whirlpools, waterfalls, and a buncha slides.

Exhibit D: There's also a sauna, a cave temple on something called Elephanta Island, a crazy golf course, INDOOR HOT AIR BALLOONING, beach tents you can camp in overnight, and it's somehow under-$50 per person.


Still one exhibit away from being convinced this is the greatest place on earth?


Exhibit E: They just built a 375,000sqft waterpark and put it OUTSIDE the hangar. Because why not?

Realizing you now need men's swim trunks that are on par with this place's epicness?


Exhibit F.