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Brilliant Watermelon Beer Cooler Is Brilliant

By: Grant Marek

From the same super awesome and incredibly humble duderinos who brought you Settlers of Beertan, the World's Largest Drinking Connect Four, and the Magic Chip Bowl, comes the greatest innovation in partying since those previous three ones we just mentioned.

That's right, it's the Watermelon Beer Cooler.

Here's how to DIY that motha:

1) Cut open the top of a watermelon


2) Remove the inside of the watermelon


3) Cut holes in the watermelon for 12 beers (21st Amendment Watermelon Beers optional [but not really])


4) Add dry ice, make lots of ghost noises while you do


5) Enjoy the coldest damn beer on the planet in the best damn pair of overalls on the planet


Let's put the whole thing to music, shall we?