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Everything You Need To Know About Beer Spas

By: Grant Marek

The first rule of beer spas is you don't talk about beer spas.

The second rule of beer spas is you ignore the first rule and talk about them ALL THE TIME right after you read this thing that tells you the five things you need to know about them:

1) At a beer spa, you bathe in beer ingredients

Basically they throw stuff like hops, yeast, and barley into your jacuzzi, which despite how gross it sounds is said to "cleanse the pores, increase pulmonary circulation, regenerate skin and hair, and revitalize the nervous system." Most importantly though it turns the bubbles green weeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Your two-person spa bath comes with it's own beer tap

This is important.

3) Your beer tap pours UNLIMITED BEERS

This is EVEN MORE important. Your 30-minute spa session is all-you-can-drink-and-you-can-drink-a-healthy-amount. Then post soak, you'll get to relax on a heated bed "to enhance the effect of the beer bath" while drinking, yep, more unlimited beer.

4) Did we mention this whole thing is clothing optional?

'Cause it's clothing optional, though I'm not sure why you'd wanna go nekkid when these exist.

5) Most of the world's beer spas are located in the Czech Republic

Including the renowned Bernard Beer Spa, which's right in the center of Prague and (probably?) named after Bernie Lomax from Weekend At Bernie's.