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Courtesy of NLand Surf Park - Chubbies Friday At Five Courtesy of NLand Surf Park

You Can Surf 6ft Waves in the Middle of Texas

By: Grant Marek

According to the National Center for Super Dope Fun Times, America's first-ever surf park just opened up in the middle of Texas.


Dubbed NLand Surf Park, this 14-acre lagoon (THAT'S NINE FOOTBALL FIELDS BIG) holds 11 million gallons of agua and uses technology from the future (probably?) to create perfect breaks anywhere in the park, including here:


The park has three different wave offerings: 1ft, 3ft, and a 6ft "Reef Session" with 30-second-plus rides for expert shred masters. Sessions will run you from $60-$90 for an hour-long ride, and they can accomodate 120 surfers in rad swim trunks at a time, because again, NINE FOOTBALL FIELDS BIG.

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