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You Need to Enter The North American Wife Carrying Championship

By: Grant Marek

Looking for something fun to do this weekend that involves you carrying your wife exactly 278 yards through an obstacle course of logs, lakes, and sand dunes in Newry, Maine?

Us too, which's why we're entering the 17th Annual North American Wife Carrying Championship.


Schedueld to go down this Saturday, October 8th at 11am at the Sunday River Ski Resort, the NAWCC sends couples (who somehow don't have to be married, despite the name) over grass-covered slopes filled with a bunch of not-easy-to-complete-with-someone-wrapped-around-your-neck obstacles.


You have to be 21 years old to compete, you need to pay a $25 entry fee, and you have to have one of the top two qualifying times in the initial heat to have a shot at a ridonkulous prize pack that includes:

1) Your female partner's weight in beer (seriously, they put her on a see-saw and load the other side with beer until it's level)

2) FIVE TIMES your female partner's weight in cash ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

3) Entry into next summer's World Championships in Finland

Registration closes this Friday at Noon EDT.