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Wanna Wear a Kilt and Throw Heavy Stuff? It's Time to Hit the Highland Games.

By: Garrett Payne

If you've ever wanted to feel like you're the dude from Braveheart (the cool one with the facepaint, not the butthead English guy) then you need to check out the Highland Games.

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The games themselves predate recorded history and haven't changed all that much since -- a standard Highland Games is typically made up of nine heavy throwing events including caber toss, open stone, bramer stone, sheaf toss, heavy weight, light weight, heavy hammer, light hammer, and weight over bar.

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Events take place at regional celtic festivals across the US and all over the world, except not in Scotland. PSYCHE, Scotland does one with like 3,500 competitiors in Dunoon every year and 23K people watchin'.


Oh, and btDUB, there's a raging party after where everyone shoots lightning bolts out of their arses and/or just drinks beer and has a bunch of fun ass times.


Wait, did we forget to mention the best part? You can do THIS: