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Movember Quiz: Who Do These TV Mustaches Belong To?

By: Grant Marek

It's Movember which means 1) we're raising a bunch of money for prostate cancer with the greatest lip carpet team ever assembled (JOIN US), and 2) it's once again time to play "We Give You A Bunch Of Famous Mustaches With The Faces They're On Blanked Out and You Try To Identify Whose The Mustaches Goes On."

Last year we had you try to identify who a bunch of famous movie mustaches belonged to (check out last year's quiz here), this year we're going all in on memorable TV soup strainers, and we're putting some skin in the game: Get 10-for-10 and you'll be entered to win some free mustache shorts.

Alright, let's do this thing -- check out the mustaches below, and pull up your official entry form by clicking here.