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This Is North America's Only Ice Hotel, And It's Pretty Chill

By: Grant Marek

1) Ice hotels exist.

2) North America has exactly ONE, it's located in Quebec City (eh?), and it's called Hotel De Glace, which's French for "El Nino."

3) They rebuild the hotel every year FROM SCRATCH, because ice melts (laaaaaaame).


4) It has an ICE SLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) It has a bar completely made of ice blocks.

6) It has 44 rooms, which you can stay in from the first week in January all the way until the last week in March.


7) The ice walls are over 4ft thick, it takes 50 workers a month and a half to build it, and 30,000 tons of snow.

8) Cocktails are served in glasses made of ice.


9) All furniture is made of ice.

10) Ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice.