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Could You Complete the Krispy Kreme Challenge?

By: Grant Marek

Do you like donuts?

Yes. You. Do.

Because you're a human person.

And as a human person (who likes donuts), you're pretty much required to be notified of any and all donut eating competitions. Which's why we're here to fill you in on the Krispy Kreme Challenge, scheduled for Saturday, February 3, 2018.

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Unlike the Taco Bell Challenge or the Tour De Donut, the Krispy Kreme Challenge out in Raleigh, North Carolina is actually incredibly straightforward:

You have to run five miles in under an hour and stop at the halfway point at a Krispy Kreme and finish a dozen donuts.

And that's it.

More than 65,000 runners have attempted the challenge in the last decade plus and they've gone through (NBD) 700,000 donuts. SEVEN. HUNDRED. THOUSAND.

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Also cool: the event has raised nearly $1 million for the children's hospital -- it's $45 to enter this month, then race day on Feb. 4 it goes up to $50, and, oh right, that entry fee entitles you to UNLIMITED DONUTS, in case you wanna say 'screw the race' and just sit on the curb and house 700,000 donuts yourself.

Oh, and for all you goal-oriented folks out there -- the fastest anyone has ever completed it was 24 minutes, 31 seconds.

Make us proud. And also: use the code "CHUBBIES" and our BFFs at Krispy Kreme Challenge will hook you up with 10% off of race registration through Feb. 2.