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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Keg Mountain Ball

By: Grant Marek

Ha, you've never heard of Keg Mountain Ball?? The game that's kinda like sloshball, except with the keg mountain at second base?? Seriously?? Never????

I guess maybe that's because up until today... IT DIDN'T EXIST.

But now that it does, we're gonna need to lay down some ground rules:

The game is played almost exactly like sloshball, save a few minor differences:

Difference 1: The keg at second base is elevated, on a snow mountain (!) that you're required to climb up on one side.

Difference 2: After you drink a beer on top of keg mountain per regular sloshball rules, you're required to (difference!) sled down the other side.

Difference 3: If you've got a few feet of fresh powder, fielding the ball is kinda impossible, so you're gonna want to make a first touch rule -- if the runner touches a base before the fielder touches the ball they're safe, and if the fielder touches the ball before the runner touches a base they're a gentleman and a scholar (and the runner is out).

Difference 4: The only way to get the lead runner out is to peg them with the ball while they're not touching the base. This was actually way easier in snow cause everyone is basically going in slo-mo.