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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Shovel Racing

By: Grant Marek

You need three things to attempt shovel racing:

1) A shovel.

2) A ski slope.

And 3) los testiculos mas grandes del mundo 'cause after firing down 1,000 feet of snow at 60+ mph here's how you stop:


Invented in the 1970s by some super bored lift operators at a New Mexico ski resort nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Shovel Racing gained enough popularity that people started souping up their shovels until the point they started looking like this (yeah, there's a shovel under there somewhere):


Those Xzibit-approved shovel races landed in the first X Games in 1997, but were pulled after just one year due to safety concerns following a pretty gnarly crash in year one.

Fast forward more than a decade later and shovel racing is making a comeback.


Except this time, the resort that started it all -- Angel Fire -- is keeping it old school. No Star Wars-looking cockpits, no flames, no cupholders -- just you, a shovel, a little ski wax for speed, and an open slope.

So how's the whole racing format work exactly? Well first, outside of not being allowed to mod the thing in any way, there's really only one other rule: if you lose complete contact with your shovel at any point you get a DNF (did not finish). There are exactly two runs for each division (they've got everything from Men's Masters to Women's Pro divisions) at their annual World Championship Shovel Races (Feb. 3-4 this year): a qualifier and a final.

You race solo, get a time, then the fastest times advance to the final -- then fastest time in the final wins the world title/fame/fortune (seriously, cash prizes, yo!).