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Coolest Party Island Ever? Coolest Party Island Ever.

By: Grant Marek

Oh, hi friggin' PARTY ISLAND into the middle of the South Pacific.

How are YOU?


This is Cloud 9, a nutsnutsNUTS floating fiesta-ville in Fiji that's a 20-minute boat ride from land and floats just above a coral reef and the turquoise-iest water you could possibly imagine* (*lie, it's EVEN TURQUOISE-IER THAN THAT).


Did we mention it also has a full bar?

'Cause it does.

Did we also mention is has an Italian wood-fired pizza oven?


Did we mention it holds 100 people, has two levels of cannonball-able platforms, a DJ, daybeds, people in tons of dope swim trunks, and access to bookable parasailing, jet skiing, snorkling, and paddleboarding literally right alongside the island?

No? Well that makes sense, 'cause it doesn't have any of those things PSYCHE IT HAS ALL OF THOSE AS WELLLLLLLLLLL.


So how the heck do you get in on this thing?

Two ways: 1) They throw an event, you snag a ticket to it in advance, and 2) you book the whole thing in advance. It's obviously not super cheap ($115 per person) because, well, floating pizza-making party island in Fiji, but that comes with a $30 bar credit (!), they'll get you to and from Port Denarau Marina (you can toss in an extra $10 if you wanna go straight to a Coral Coast hotel), and IT COMES WITH A $30 BAR CREDIT.