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Photo via US National Toboggan Championships/Facebook - Chubbies Friday At Five Photo via US National Toboggan Championships/Facebook

Wait. There's a Toboggan Championship in the US?

By: Grant Marek

The most famous bobsled team in history? Yup, this one:


Until............ NOW that is, 'cause this is the year you punch your ticket to the US National Toboggan Championships -- a poor man's bobsled competition held annually at the foot of the Camden Snow Bowl in Camden, Maine where you're fired down a 440ft wooden shoot in 2- or 4-man toboggan boggans while wearing super dope coordinated costumes.

Best part? You don't have to qualify or anything, you just have to 1) register in the next FIVE DAYS (registration closes Feb. 8) right over here, 2) have a wooden toboggan meeting the competition's specs, and 3) be down to put your life on the line in front of more than 5,000 folks who're all partying it up at snowbound tailgates.

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme.