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America's Largest Aqua Park Is Friggin' Incredible

By: Grant Marek

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted a bouncy castle for your birthday but your parents were all, "We could get you a bouncy castle, orrrrrrrrr everyone could just jump on your brother's inflatable mattress. That'd be fun, right?"

"No mom and dad, it wouldn't be fun, what WOULD be fun, is if not only did you get a bouncy castle, but you got LOTS of bouncy castles, tied them all together, and placed that bouncy castle city on a lake in California."

Well, even though your parents totally let you down, someone else's parents totally didn't because they put EXACTLY THAT in Sacramento.

It's called Wake Island Waterpark.

And it looks like THIS:


And not only is it the biggest waterpark resort on the West Coast, it's also the largest aqua park IN NORTH AMERICA.

The 80-acre waterpark features:

1) The floating bouncy castle city with 50 slides, bridges, towers, etc

2) A boatless wakeboarding park where a cable system above you pulls you around the park

3) Stand-up paddle boarding

4) Inflatable human hamster wheels

5) Kayaks

6) Beach volleyball

And 7) Nachos

Yeah, that's right guys, nachos.