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The Future of Tubing Is Here, And It Can Fly

By: Grant Marek

You could tug a regular ol' inner tube behind your boat this summer, orrrrrrrrrrrr you could tug THIS:


That right there is called the FlyFish, a sort of Banana Boat MEGAZORD that gets some serious airtime when you pull it behind a speed boat.

And unlike the one-person Kite Tube which was recalled/super dangerous, this thing hasn't been recalled/is way less dangerous because of 1) it's size and 2) its shape.

You can get your hands on one a couple ways:

Way A) You can head to Boracay where they've got a whole bunch of these things that you can ride on with 2-4 buddies for about $1 a minute and they'll stick a guide on there with you to make sure everyone stays safe.

Way B) You can buy one of these things from Rainbow Inflatables, the pot of gold-en dudes behind this beast. You can get one anywhere from $600-$900.