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Courtesy of San Alfonso del Mar Resort - Chubbies Friday At Five Courtesy of San Alfonso del Mar Resort

The World's Largest Pool Is Very, Very, Very Large

By: Grant Marek

Imagine a standard sized swimming pool.

OK now imagine 6,000 of those all attached to one another.

THAT is how big the world's largest pool is.

Located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile, the swimmy-swim-swam-eroo holds a mind-boggle-blowing 66 million gallons of water, stretches 19 acres, is 115 feet deep, and is more than 3,300 feet long.


Speaking of activities, the resort also has a gym, a spa, a 75ft-long aquarium with 60 species of Chilean fish, an open air amphitheater, a disco, bubble beds, jet massagers, waterfalls, and like a zillion other things because, again, world's largest pool.

Also: you can do everything from kayaking, to sailing, to windsurfing, to scuba diving in 80 degree water, or go to a whole buncha hot tubs located in everything from docks to glass pyramids.

One thing you CAN'T do though? SWIM IN IT.

"Wait, huh?"

Yeah, no swimming -- they've got giant halfmoon pools attached to the super pool so you can swim in those, but the ginormo world's largest is for watercrafts only. Too bad, so sad.

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