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Huayna Picchu's Stairs of Death Look Freaking Terrifying

By: Grant Marek

You thought this hike was scary?

Hahahahahahahahahah no.

THIS hike is scary.

It's up an 8,835ft mountain that overlooks Machu Picchu (EVER HEARD OF IT??) in Peru and has 2,100 granite steps that were carved into it by the Incas like 600 years ago. The steps get increasingly smaller and dangerous-er the higher you get up, culminating with these:

Ancient Inca's version of running bleachers #huaynapicchu #machupicchu

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They're called the STAIRS OF DEATH even though they're not really stairs but instead just rock slabs sticking out of the side of the mountain.

They're also one of the big reasons they only allow 400 people per day to hike Huayna Picchu (aka Wayna Picchu or Wayna Pikchu), which requires a permit. Permits usually sell out a week in advance (and sometimes sooner from May-September), and you can score them through the the Peru Ministry of Culture. They're about $50ish, and get you access to both the hike and Macchu Picchu (two for one!). Also: You'll have to sign in at the "warden's hut" with your passport number/name before you can even do the hike, so don't forget your passport like a noob.

In all, it takes about an hour to get up the mountain and -- in addition to the stairs of death -- you'll have large sections with steel cables or ropes alongside the steps to keep you semi-safe, plus there's a cave (its official name is "The Great Cave") you have to crawl through, and also some medium-sturdy-looking ladders.

As long as you don't die, it's all pretty worth it considering this is the view at the top:

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Just don't die, K?