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Introducing: The Easter Keg Hunt

By: Grant Marek

Easter is this Sunday, which means, obviously, party.

But why not up the game on your Easter Brunch kickback by replacing the ol' Easter Egg Hunt with an Easter Keg Hunt?

Here's how:

1) Buy as many kegs as you need for you Easter Brunch kickback (One keg serves between 45-55 people, you have 990 friends, so... like... 22 kegs?)

2) Buy a bunch of colorful Duck Tape (not to be confused with DUCT Tape)

3) Duck Tape decorate your kegs much more impressively than we did in the photo above

4) Hide the kegs like you would Easter eggs

5) Line everyone up, give them ginormous baskets, and then say "ready, set, EASTER KEG HUNT"

6) Laugh hysterically as everyone totally doesn't see the keg behind the sprinkler head

7) Whoever finds the most kegs wins. As does the person who finds the second most kegs, and the third most kegs -- really everyone wins in this game, because Easter Keg Hunt.

Happy Easter errbody, please Hunt responsibly.