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Here's How To Get on the Jumbotron at Every Game Ever

By: Garrett Payne

So there I was, minding my own business at a college football game when I got this text message:

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Imagine being picked out of a crowd of roughly 112,000 people. How does that even happen?

Well for me, it started with a cowboy hat; and boy did it escalade quickly.

Over the past two years I've been on a Jumbotron 19 times and various TV network's b-roll footage packages. And every single time, I followed these 5 rules, which'll pretty much guarantee you some big screen time.


Seat choice is, as DJ Khaled would say, key. You must be able to see the cameras if you want the cameras to see you. If you don't know exactly where they're located, stick to where you know there will most likely be action nearby. The foul lines in baseball are a perfect example. The closer to the front of the section, the more likely you'll just happen to be in the shot. Then the camera operators have seen you, and know where you, are even if it is by accident. Once you're in your seats stay there so the camera operators can find you when they wanna throw fans up on the Tron-y Tron Tron.

That's me in the sombrero, on TV, by accident...or was it?



While you can be picked out of a crowd, it's much easier for a group to be picked out of a crowd. I recommend having at least four friends go with you to a game. Bonus: they can make beer runs and you don't have to leave your seat!

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Make funny, clever, timely, and relatable signs. Make sure that your signs are pro-home team because you will not be put on the jumbotron if you are making fun of the home team. Keep the signs in good fun and you will be sure to have fun. You can overload on sighs though. A good rule of thumb is 1 sign per every 3 people but never hold up more than 3 signs at one time. If you make more than three signs be sure to rotate which ones you are holding up.

Side note: Power Rangers references are ALWAYS a good move.



While they are helpful, you can get by without signs if you have the most radical outfit of all time. Try to get your group to dress together and set a theme -- '70s basketball players, '80s hair band, America, and Rugrats are all great themes to use. It sets you apart from the sea of whatever color the team you are watching is and makes you easy to spot. And don't forget the accessories. Wigs, throwback shades, gorilla costumes, championship wrestling belt, cowbell -- all great accessories and can even be used together. If you think you have too many accessories, you're wrong.



How can you expect to be seen if you're sitting down?! Just make sure it is at the right times, in between innings, during commercial breaks, pitcher changes, timeouts, etc. etc. Respecting the game is key and makes the difference when it comes to the people around you thinking you're hilarious versus complaining to a security and getting you kicked out. Don't pull a hammy though. Be sure to stretch it out.

image_uploaded_from_ios_720-3.jpgThen after you're good and stretched out, be majestic:

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for image_uploaded_from_ios_720-2.jpgAnd conquer the jumbotron.