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Son's Island Might Be Texas' Best Kept Secret

By: Grant Marek

Remember Bob's River Place?

That super awesome swimming hole in Florida decked out with rope swings and slides and floating docks and tons of other water-y awesome?

The one you wished wasn't all the way over in, ugh, Florida?

Well allow ourselves to introduce... ourselves... and also Son's Island, a super secret party island in Seguin, Texas that's kinda, sorta like Bob's except 1) IT'S IN TEXAS, REMEMBER?, 2) in addition to rope swings and slides and floating docks and tons of other water-y awesome it also has 40 super epic tiki hut cabana things/a beach volleyball court, and 3) it's a real-life island on the Guadalupe River that you can only reach via a 100ft-long wooden bridge.


After you find the place (and trust me, it's not super easy, the entrance is basically at the end of a random residential street that looks 100% like you went the wrong way), you'll have a couple of ways to snag all-day access to it -- 1) you can rent an individual cabana for up to 8 people, or 2) you can rent THE ENTIRE ISLAND and then immediately send an open invitation to Chubbies HQ, 2720 Taylor St., #310, San Francisco, CA 94133.

Renting either of the two will get you access to the island's many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many amenities (rhyme bonus, +1), and if you get a group of 8 it'll cost you less than $20 a person during most of the year.


All the cabanas come with a hammock, lounge chairs, a dope charcoal BBQ, water and electricity, and a private swimming/fishing/cannonballing dock that you can pull up your boat/jet ski/Bat-sub to, plus they rent kayaks, paddleboards, hydro bikes, and iFloats.

Oh, the paddle boats? Those are $FREE.99.


Sound like the kinda place you wouldn't wanna leave? Well good because YOU DON'T HAVE TO. They've also got an overnight camping option. Can you say "sleepover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"? Can you also say "whoa this place sounds awesome, I'm gonna share this story on Facebook and tag my 7 BFFs right now!!!!!!!!!!!!"?