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What The Heck Is An Underground River?

By: Grant Marek

Turns out, an underground river is like a regular river, except it's 30ft under the earth's surface and takes you inside a bunch of dope caves, and past nearly 2,000-year-old Mayan ruins, and through mangrove forests inhabited by flamingos, and is basically the coolest thing you can possibly float down on planet earth.

But other than that it's EXACTLY like a regular river.

You'll find the high-five-inducing-est of just such subterranean waterways at Xcaret -- a Maya civilization archeaological site/super dope waterpark-type place on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula in Quantana Roo, Mexico.

Flowing through a large cave system that houses the rivers and provides some pretty epic snorkel opportunities, Xcaret's underground rivers require only a life jacket to float down thanks to a freshwater current that will get you from start to finish without much effort.

Wait, did that say rivers? Like plural?

Why yes, person who wrote this article and already knows exactly what it says, it did!

There's the Blue River, Maya River, and Manatee River, which all flow to the ocean, though you can hop out just before you get there.


Floating the rivers is included in the cost of admission into the "eco park," which'll run you $89, but also includes shows, exhibitions and cultural tours (!!), access to beaches, bays, and natural pools (!!!!), admission to a musical journey through the history of Mexico (!!!!!!) and... PARKING (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Oh, and did we mention PARKING?????????



OK, I'm done.