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Here's the Only 2017 Father's Day Gift Guide You Need

By: Grant Marek

Your dad taught you a lot of important things in life: how to ride a bike, how to swing a hammer, how to patch a hole after you swing a hammer.

Unfortunately, one of those was very likely not how to buy him presents.

Well, allow Papa Chubbies Entertainment to fill in on this one, because we spent countless hours pouring through thousands and thousands AND THOUSANDS of dope gifts all across in the internet in a whole bunch of categories in order to put together this, our inaugural Father's Day Gift Guide -- a curated guide to the absolute best gifts sold across the internet for 11 different types of dads ranging from The Camping Dad to The Putting Out The Vibe Dad. Just click on any/all of the tiles below for hand-picked gifts that're all guaranteed to get you at least one approving head nod:

All American Dad.jpg

BBQ Dad.jpg

Camping Dad.jpg

Coolest Dad Ever Dad.jpg

Golfing Dad.jpg

Inked Up Dad.jpg

Muscle Car Dad.jpg

Putting Out The Vibe Dad.jpg


Sporty Dad.jpg

Very Very Responsible Dad.jpg

PS: To answer your questions, 1) yes, the Invisible Man could be taken down with a handful of glitter, and 2) you bet your butt all of those links are correct. Where did you think the absolute best gifts sold across the internet were gonna come from, huh?