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You Can Watch the Movie 'Jaws' From an Innertube on the Open Water

By: Garrett Payne

Remember that time you were at summer camp and the camp counselors were all like "heeeeyyyyyyyy we should totally watch JAWS tonight," and you got absolutley scared? Then remember how the very next day they came back with "LET'S GO SWIMMING!" and you were all about that NOPE-lyfe, but you went in anyway?


You can do it all over again in Austin, Texas between June 30th and July 23rd thanks to Jaws On The Water.


Presented by Alamo Drafthouse, the event will put you in an inner tube on Lake Travis at Volente Beach Water Park where they'll host a night-time screen of the movie while you float around hoping there's nothing underneath you. If you don't want to jump right in when you get there that's okay, there is plenty of BBQ, Lone Star Beer, and lawn games to keep you rockupied.

Tickets will run you $55 and include a free Jaws-themed innertube that is yours to keep.


Plus a chance to purchase commemorative pint glasses sold exclusivley at the event...


And full access to water slides, the Lazy Lagoon, and the rest of Volente Beach Water Park from 6-8:30pm.


Oh and remember these guys?


Rumor has it there may or may not be a few scuba divers swimming around Lake Travis during the movie waiting on you...