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Surfing dogs, you guys. Surfing dogs.

By: Garrett Payne

Dogs. Surfing. Now. A. Thing.


via Coast Monthly

Or at least it is in Galveston, Texas, where -- on July 16th -- they'll host their 5th Annual Ohana Surf Dog Competition. Between 25 and 30 dogs will hit the beach to surf it out for the title of supreme leader of the dog universe, with trophies on the line for 1st through 3rd place, along with toys, treats, gift certificates, and all-time canine bragging rights.

Registration starts at 8am and will cost you a $25 donation, with surfing taking place in 10-minute heats from 9am-12pm. The contest is limited to 30 participants so they don't get overheated in the Texas heat later in the day, so if you've got a best friend who shreds the gnar gnar make sure you're there early enough to get them in the mix.

The judging is based on surfing style, comfort, and responsiveness to owners.


via Ohana Surf and Skate

Don't have a four legged friend you can enter? That's okay, there will be dogs availible for adoption at the event. Because this event couldn't get any more adorable.


via Houston Culture

Oh and because we know you were wondering: All proceeds from the event go to the Galveston Island Humane Society, which will have trainers on hand to help make sure all the dogs are properly pitted. If you can't make it down but want to contribute because you're an awesome human being who does awesome things, you can do so here.