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This Is The Coolest Round of Golf You'll Ever Play In Your Entire Life

By: Grant Marek

Full disclosure: I grew up in Palm Springs, so I just so happen to be very, very, very familiar with golf courses. And retirees. And sunburns. BUT MOSTLY THE GOLF COURSES THING.

So when I say that this right here is the coolest round of golf you'll ever play in your entire life, I can say, with confidence, that it actually is.

That's because you'll play it in a pro sports stadium, courtesy of StadiumLinks, a company that is turning four professional stadiums (NFL and MLB) into golf courses this year, wherein you tee off from the upper deck and try to hit pins on the playing surface.

Yeah, that.

This year they transformed the Bucs, Redskins, and -- just this past weekend -- Niners stadiums into nine-holers, and this weekend they'll do the same with the Rams' Memorial Coliseum in LA.

In the past they've also links-ified ballparks for the Padres and Rangers, and will let you sign up for alerts for future events in NYC and Atlanta.


Here's how it works:

1) You get a ticket.

2) You show up.

3) You get a beer.

4) You hit the course -- there are nine holes in all and you only get ONE BALL per hole, and clubs are provided (but you can also bring your own if you're weird like that). Wherever that ball lands determines your score, like so:

• In the hole = Eagle
• In the small circle around the hole = Birdie
• On the green your pin is on (some pins share a green) = Par
• Anywhere on the field = Bogey
• In the stands = Double Bogey, buy your buddy a beer

5) Lowest score on the day gets anywhere from $500-$1,000, which isn't a bad purse considering the thing will cost you around $70.


They've also got pitching and putting challenges that're $10 while you're there with a $200 purse, and they open up a few concessions along the way so you can re-up on beers. Which you should.