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Florida's Only Spring-Fed Waterpark Looks Like Something Out Of A Disney Movie

By: Garrett Payne

You know that feeling when you water slide into a natural spring filled with manatees and mermaids? Oh? You DON'T??

Well, ya would if you'd been to Weeki Wachee, Florida's only waterpark 1) built on a natural spring (go earth!) and 2) with mermaids.

Yeah. Mermaids. Those are them at 00:03 ^^^^

You can head into a submerged theater and watch underwater performances from the mermaids that are set to everything from Jimmy Buffett to Kelly Clarkson.

But wait, there's more...


Including the opportunity to meet and greet a live ALLIGATOR (among other reptiles), or birds of prey, all on full display courtesy of the state park Weeki Wachee belongs to.

Then on top of ALL THAT, there are also two flume water slides and a tube slide that spit you out into a spring lined with beautiful white sand beaches.

Oh and did we mention the spring stays 70 DEGREES YEAR ROUND? CAUSE IT DOES.

com04158.jpg"Ugh, I wish this place had just one more awesome thing at it," Tom Selleck says in between mustache combs.

"Oh, but it does Thomas. Because this is a natural spring, its got a river attached to it that heads out to the Gulf. You can cruise down that via boat and see some native wildlife in it's natural habitat, including the aforementionedbeforeatthebeginning manatees.


No matter what you do, you're sure to come back with some................... tales.