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Green Springs Is America's Dopest Dock Park. Wait... What's A Dock Park?

By: Grant Marek

Yes, you've been to a waterpark.

Maybe even the Greatest Waterpark in America.

But have you ever been to a... Dock Park?

Well, thanks to an 80-year-old Korean War Vet now you can at Green Springs in New Bern, North Carolina.

Built in the 1970s, Green Springs (directions here) is a timber-frame park built at the end of a dock overlooking the Neuse River that's packed with summertime water awesome, from ziplines and diving board that'll send you directly into the river, to a 4-story tower that you can Cowabunga off of and into the waters below.

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And because the dock happens to sit on the Korean War Vet's property, the whole thing is 100,000,000% free.