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Summer Is Here. And So Is The Pool Noodle Iron Throne.

By: Grant Marek

As we all know, there can only be one person who sits on the Pool Noodle Iron Throne.

And this summer, it should be you.

What you need:

- Pool noodles (we used 40-ish)
- Something to cut the pool noodles with (ex: pocket knife, scissors, light saber, etc)
- Zip ties
- A foldable beach chair
- A 6ft wooden dowel
- A 2ft wooden dowel

How you build it:

- Zip tie the pool noodles to the chair -- we used a pocket knife to cut them all pretty easily
- Make a T with the wooden dowels and affix those to the back, that'll give your chair some stability and structure

And remember: When you play the Game of Pool Noodles, you win or you drink pina coladas.