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Virtual Reality Mario Kart Looks Like The Coolest Game Ever

By: Grant Marek

If you're a human person, there's a good chance you've played Mario Kart before.

Which makes this latest news out of Tokyo a kinda pretty big super mega deal: the world's first Virtual Reality Mario Kart game just debuted at the world's largest VR arcade in Tokyo.

Yeah, like, VIRTUAL Virtual Reality, complete with motion sensor wrist bands so you can throw turtle shells and banana peels at Yoshi, and an actual cart that's responsive to your terrain whether you're rolling through Peach's castle grounds or Bowser's airship. Like.... so:

The game setup features two sets of four driving simulators -- car number 1 is designated as Mario, number 2 as Luigi, number 3 as Peach, and number 4 as Yoshi -- meaning you'll sit in number 4 because, duh, Yoshi was clearly the best character.

Then the only real difference in terms of gameply is having to grab items from floating balloons rather than driving over plates with question marks on them on the ground.

The arcade -- which boasts two floors and expects 1,500 visitors per day -- also has added some widely anticipated games that might sound familiar including Dragon Ball VR.

And considering you get to live out all of your Yoshi dominating everyone in real life fantasies, the pricetag on the whole experience is actually pretty cheap: admission costs around $7 and games cost around $10 to play.