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Wanna Win Free Chubbies For Being Good At Fantasy Football?

By: Grant Marek


Alright, here's how this thing is gonna work: We're doing two 12-man leagues this season made up of 20 people from Chubster Nation (that's you!), and 4 people from Chubbies HQ (that's not you, unless you're Tater, then that probably is you!). Both leagues will produce eight playoff teams (16 total) -- make the playoffs and we'll send you a free pair of shorts. Win your 12-man league and we'll send you FOUR free pairs of shorts. Win a head to head WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP with the winner of the other league and we'll fly you out to HQ for next year's live draft. Lose the league and you're gonna have to do something hilarious your league agrees on before the season starts. Like, oh, I don't know, having to wear this:


Oh right, so how do you get in on all of this. Whale, you just have to fill out the form below and we'll reach out to the 20 entries that make us laugh the hardest and/or are the epic-est. Do your thing, Chubster Nation:

Fill out my online form.